How it works

Every Thursday morning we meet at Galupp’s for breakfast. The meeting is between 8 – 9 am but we ask that you arrive at 7:45 to meet and mingle. The breakfast is just $10.

At 8 am Rafael opens the meeting and after a brief introduction the introductions begin. Each member stands and introduces themselves and tells us a little bit about their business and how we can all help. This is one of the most supportive network groups in the South Florida area. How do we know that? After all the intros Rafael asks if anyone has any thank you’s or events they wish to announce. Each week there are many thank you’s.  Support of local business is what it’s all about.

Each week there is also a speaker. The speaker is picked from among the members and gives them an opportunity to tell us more about what they do and how they can help us.

The meeting ends at 9 am and many one-on-one introductions happen at that time with more meet and mingle. The members are also encourage to have a one-on-one meeting with other members outside of this breakfast meeting and many of members have discovered this is a added benefit to the networking process.

All our members are supportive and welcoming. So even if this if your first time networking, we will feel at home. Join us next week for breakfast and meet a great group of people.